The Top of the Main Reasons Why Frustration Occurs

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Probably everyone has heard about the issue of frustration as this problem is becoming more and more spread nowadays. Moreover, many students suffer from it and do not even realize that they are exposed to this illness. Can we call the frustration a disease? The majority of psychologists agree that it is a human condition, which leads to feeling deluded, stressed and disappointed. This emotional disorder occurs when a person cannot reach certain goals because he or she has not enough resources for it. Sure, a great part of people finds that they have never been in such a condition. However, it is proved that almost every modern person suffered from frustration or even does it right now. Unfortunately, not everyone can recognize its signs and understand why it occurs. Nevertheless, there are some typical reasons of this emotional disorder, which you should keep in mind.

Financial Problems

The typical reason why frustration occurs in the young person’s life is the lack of money. This is a topic issue for many students who still cannot work at a full-time job and take money from their family at the same time. Hence, they usually sacrifice some of their wishes and dreams because of financial troubles. It may sound like something common and meaningless but some young people are greatly affected by this issue. They start suffering from frustration as some of their goals demand a lot of money and these teenagers have no idea of earning them in quick terms.

Small Failures

Of course, the majority of students think that small failures are easy to overcome and forget, but they may become the reasons of frustration. In case you often encounter with faults and cannot cope with them effectively, these issues will accumulate and turn into a great problem. These may be bad grades at college, conflicts with fellows or teachers and even typical situations in your everyday life, which influence your mood. No one is protected from such small things, but they can make you feel angry, depressed and upset. Sometimes the main problem is that a young person ignores such minor troubles and does nothing to solve them.

Conflicts with People

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There are no doubts that conflicts with other people can affect your mood and emotional condition greatly. They often become the reasons of frustration among students. Sure, this should be a serious quarrel with someone close to you or constant arguments with one of the people who surround you every day. It depletes your life energy and you can easily fall into the trap of frustration. It usually happens with teenagers who cannot solve conflicts and find a compromise. They simply start feeling depressed and worried because of awful relationships with fellows. The worst situation is when a quarrel with relatives or best friends arises.

Ruined Expectations

Probably everyone has encountered a situation when plans and expectations are completely ruined by someone else or life circumstances. It is very disappointing and a young person can be seriously affected by such an issue. For example, students dream about being praised by their professor and having their project superior to others in the class. However, their group mate creates a better thing than they do and everyone is amazed at the quality of this report. There is no wonder why the student is upset in this case and may become frustrated as a result.

Conflicts Inside of You

It often happens with young people who have not formed their worldview and opinion yet. They have lots of misunderstandings, disappointments and other unpleasant things in their life. As a result, some conflicts occur inside them. It is a pity when two opposite ideas appear in your head. Lots of unnecessary thoughts appear and make you feel upset. It is a part of completing your attitude to life and understanding this world. There is no wonder why you cannot avoid this.

Limits and Barriers

It is true that people often encounter various limits and boundaries in their life. However, some of them have a normal reaction to these things. Others, conversely, become upset and even depressed because of limits that they cannot change. These may be laws, rules of behavior, etiquette and so on. Some students even think that these things deplete their individuality. Unfortunately, they are the important part of human life, which saves everyone from mess and jumbles.

All in all, it is essential to be aware at least of the most typical reasons of frustration in order to avoid it and live a full life. It is a pity when a young person has a negative attitude to everything around and does not see anything good and beautiful. In this way, he or she will only suffer from failures and disappointment. Try to avoid such situations and get satisfaction from things that surround you. It is very important not to let small conflicts and fails run down your happiness. You should understand that frustration is not an illness and you can cope with it on your own in case you recognize its signs on time. Hence, we will present some of them in our next article.


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