An Example of an Essay on Frustration: How to Fight Against It?

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Probably everyone understands that frustration is not just an emotional problem which worsens your mood. It has a bad impact on all spheres of our life and makes it full of negative and sadness even if there is a great number of enjoyable moments. Hence, it is not something imaginary which has no influence on reality. The majority of psychologists and average people agree that it has to be reduced in order to let a young person live a full life. There is no wonder why your main target should be overcoming this disorder. Nevertheless, many young people cannot cope with this issue because they do nothing for it. Frustration depletes your motivation and desire to do some pleasant things. As a result, a person simply uses no effective techniques for coping with frustration. He or she definitely needs additional motivation. There are lots of helpful prompts on how to encourage yourself to tackle this emotional condition, namely these are benefits and great opportunities which appear after you do this.

Better Grades at College

Students will be able to study better as soon as they cope with frustration. It can greatly improve their grades at college and there will be fewer things which make them distracted. Moreover, it can help a young person to prevent some conflicts with professors and classmates, which often lead to bad grades as a student becomes distracted. Moreover, you will get a chance to pass exams better and quicker. Frustration makes you disable to use your knowledge and skills effectively. After reducing it, you will be able to operate your abilities and rules you know right on the test without any prompts. Hence, teachers’ appreciation is guaranteed for you.

Work Satisfaction

It is true that sometimes people get no pleasure from things they do just because they are frustrated. As a result, the quality of their life is much worse and they cannot get rid of feeling overwhelmed. As soon as a young person overcomes this emotional disorder, he or she stops feeling like the world is on their shoulders. Moreover, they are happy to do their work and understand that it is useful for the society. It is important in case you do not want to feel disappointment and dissatisfaction with your life. Job plays a great role in this case. If you hate your routine and try to find thousands of reasons not to go to the office, your life cannot be happy. Being free from stress, depression, and frustration that is the most harmful, makes you love your work even if there are silly coworkers, an angry boss, and crowded workplace.

Fewer Conflicts with People

 People Have Conflict

Without any doubts, there will be fewer conflicts and arguments in your life after you cope with frustration. You will rarely feel anger and irritation caused by people around you. Sure, it may happen when you dislike someone and cannot deal with your emotions effectively. Just try to stay calm and control your feelings as much as it is possible. However, frustration will make it almost impossible as one of its major symptoms is constant anger and anxiety. You will simply express your negative on other people and provoke dozens of quarrels. It often happens at home where you can argue with your parents. On the other hand, students often have quarrels with their classmates that may completely ruin their relationships with fellows.

Positive Mood

If you are free from frustration, it means that you will have a better mood and be able to reduce stress. It will be possible to look at the world from a positive side and analyze every situation clearly. Keep in mind that in case you are often angry and irritated, you will probably not think over all the things in the correct way. Moreover, it will make you disappointed and upset if you cannot pay attention to the wonderful moments of your life. Thus, a person who can transform failures into benefits will be happier than the one who always tries to find the worst details in a situation and sees everything in a bad light.

Good Health Conditions

Person Is Ill

In addition, everyone knows that frustration makes your health condition worse. A young person suffers from headaches, insomnia, nightmares and other unpleasant issues. Sure, emotional disorders have a bad impact on your health. As a rule, people who are frustrated or depressed have worse immune and nervous systems. Hence, they can barely fight off various illnesses even with some minor ones, namely cold, migraines and so on. They can get a sore throat and a bunged up nose in the first minute after going out of their house in winter. It is a pity as a person has no power on fighting off frustration while being ill.

All in all, there are some important things which can encourage you for fighting against frustration and do not give up in the middle of the way. Moreover, you should always keep in mind that a lot of benefits will appear as soon as you get rid of this emotional disorder. You will be able to live a full and happy life without stress and anxiety. It is difficult in the modern world, but it is possible. You will learn how to have fun, see wonderful things and focus your attention only on positive issues. Hopefully, you will cope with this and forget about negative emotions, namely sadness, anger or irritation.


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