About Our Team and the ABCs of Writing: The Brief History of Idea

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Well, we could talk a lot about our adventurous selves and the way we have developed this blog project. Probably, one day we will devote a separate web page to the whole story, filling it with much more details than we have now.

Nevertheless, let us introduce ourselves briefly here to give you a better idea of who we are in reality. (One of our editors asked me to specify which particular reality I mean here. But I believe she was just joking. If I meant any other extraterrestrial reality, I would have mentioned it.)

So, we are a bunch of people who attach great significance to the written word. It is really awesome to know that in your team there are experienced bloggers and web content writers, writing coaches, editors, educators as well as one truly nice IT-specialist and one wonderful business manager.

These days our blog is fed with updates from different cities and towns, as along with it our guys have other projects and jobs. Some of us are currently traveling around the globe, so some articles can be flavored with overseas news and novelties. Besides, we keep looking for and finding outstanding experts and tireless enthusiasts who help upgrade the blog and develop some other ideas of ours.

Speaking about The ABCs of Writing, this blog is aimed at sharing our experience with everyone who is facing the same challenges or, on the contrary, enjoying the same perks of writing career as we did and still do, actually.

We are happy to blog for everyone who values words and wants to know how to play with them in the right way. It is not that I am comparing words with fire, but the fact remains that in most cases we cannot realize all that power conceal in them.

Let us tame it together and watch it doing exactly what you want.

Welcome to The ABCs of Writing and thank you for staying with us!