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Every time I wrote my papers for a Literature or History class, I wondered what a significant role a certain combination of words played for what we know as academic success. Just think that the words you select from your inner vocabulary and the way you make sentences with them can actually shape your professor’s view on your personality.

But what if we take not a college professor, but an editor who is reading the first novella you decided to show others eventually? Or let us look wider and imagine thousands of Internet users subscribed to your blog: what do they think about it?

I asked myself these questions many times while I was studying and after I got my first writing job. Finally, I got really tired of thinking and decided to put all my ideas on paper, speaking figuratively. One day all those notes which were made on my phone and in dozens of separate MS Word documents saved all around my computer were turned into the blog. Not without the help of my great current colleagues.

Our team have prepared a lot of interesting things for both beginners and professional writers. At the time you are reading this, we are researching new issues and developing new topics for our next posts.

So, let us check out what you can find here!

Tips and Solutions for Budding and Pro Authors

Words have incredible power. They can influence your readers’ minds and souls, making them do what you want, literally. They will trust you, they will buy what you offer, they will sympathize and hate together with you. On condition that you set everything right in the very beginning.

And this is what we are going to make out. You will learn:

  • what exactly you need to make your style fit the purpose of your writing;
  • what are the differences between various genres and texts;
  • how to express your opinions without hurting anyone’s aesthetic feelings;
  • how to apply various means of your mother tongue to make others see the picture you see;
  • as well as many other helpful things.

Ideas and Samples for College Students

If you do not have time to muse over the topic for the essay you should submit tomorrow, if you need to have a clear outline of what you are expected to do (which is quite essential when you are writing another essay or lab report), you can rely on the local ideas and advice.

We consult the academic writing guides of leading UK and US colleges and universities and analyze the popularity of different topics of students’ writing assignments. Besides, we pay particular attention to rare and specific issues assigned for students to muse over and provide some solutions. In both cases we do thorough research on every topic and post what we find out here.

Cyber World

Advice from and for Bloggers

I know how it feels. It is when you start posting your observations, thoughts, ideas in Twitter and Facebook, wishing that one day they will turn into a popular blog of yours. No way! Unless one day you sit down and start creating it yourself.

Our professional bloggers will give you some advice on it, so you have no choice but to bring your dream into life and launch your own website. You will learn many useful hints on successful blogging and attracting users, or probably even customers, to it.

Strategies and Tactics for Editors and Proofreaders

Editor is the person who is expected to know all dictionaries and grammar guides by heart, be perfect at document design, understand writers even better than writers can understand themselves…What have I forgotten? Well, we are going to focus on the peculiarities of editing and proofreading in the range of articles and shed more light on these activities.

Interesting Facts to Boost Your Inspiration and Curiosity

Writing is always about creating something absolutely new. But you cannot get it just from the air. You need information, knowledge, and the richer and fresher it is the better. Discover amazing facts about the world around you and your unique self with our blog to make sure that the reserve your inspiration will never exhaust!

Follow the updates and learn more with The ABCs of Writing! Our team are happy to share our experience with you! Wish you good luck with expressing yourself and fulfilling your dreams!